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Noise is everywhere…. Air conditioning, fans, plumbing, neighbours music, airborne noises (through the surrounding air) or structure borne noises through the building itself.    Noise effects our mental and emotional health, so how can you reduce the noise levels in your strata apartment.

Here are a few tips to get you started…

  1. Rugs are a quick, simple and an inexpensive way to address noise issues
  2. Underlays – it pays to do your research.    Talk to experts about FIIC (field impact insulation class) rating. This is a measurement that determined the degree of sound proofing.
  3. Test whether your apartment meets the building’s acoustic specifications.  If your apartment is a new build it probably has an AAAC star rating for acoustic performance, while older buildings may not meet the same standards.
  4. Add a window dressing – windows are a big factor in letting sounds come and go
  5. Fill up your space will absorb sound.  Plants, bookcases, armoires, wardrobes etc.
  6. Contact your strata manager to check what rules and specifications are in place for your building.